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Are you furnishing your home together for the first time? Do you want something special about the sofa and dining table or for the sleeping area? Then you can buy art paintings at Art Exclusive that are inexpensive and unique. Discover originals in vivid colors with playful or geometric shapes, color surfaces or the abstracted marine paintings. All works speak their own, unmistakable language. With Abstract 1389 you choose an intense blackberry / pink shade, contrasting with the colors of summer: white colored surfaces, stone gray, bright light blue and soft dark green create a wonderful symphony of colors! Take a seat in your lounge chair and let your mind wander while looking at it.

Harmony - buy hand-painted original work 1

Format: 60 x 40 x 2 cm
With the finest artist acrylic paints
Canvas stretched on a high-quality stretcher frame

250,00 EUR
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations
1 to 12 (from a total of 12)

Buy art paintings that are always fun

Buy art paintings that are always fun My originals are lively, emotional and colorful. Friends of a pure, minimalist style will find their matching counterpart in work of art 1431 via TV furniture or seating. By the way, black and white can be perfectly combined with a striking wall color.

1377 , on the other hand, is your inexpensive one-of-a-kind item with a firework of colors: Summer says hello here. Blue, green and yellow layers of paint applied with a spatula and thick brush bring summery moods and reflections on water into your home. Choose your personal work of art!

Buy art paintings up to 300 euros