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Fantastic possibilities with fluid painting

Are you looking for a fireworks display of colors that create a perfect  with the canvas? Then Fluid Art will delight you.
Fluid Art is the term used to describe modern paintings that use dilute acrylic paint to conjure randomly created motifs onto the surface of the painting.


What sounds easy turns out to be a sophisticated technique based on artistic know-how: Only making the acrylic paint liquid using a pouring medium enables different techniques such as puddle pour, dirty pour and flip cup. With puddle pour, different colors are poured onto the substrate one after the other. Pivoting creates interesting color gradients, which the work of art "Hope" impressively demonstrates. From cadmium yellow to may green to red and olive green, these colors are not just symbols, but landscapes of the soul to be discovered.

My art of dirty pour is just as colorful and intense, but more unpredictable. Why is that? With Dirty-Pour you don't put the diluted acrylic paint on the canvas one after the other, but mix all the colors lightly in a container beforehand. The highlight here is that the entire paint bucket hits the canvas at the same time, as with the work of art “Temperament”, and great effects are created by tilting the surface, which also flow along the frame. Contrasting and merging colors are fascinating as a whole, but also inspire in detail when you look at individual image sections as if under a magnifying glass or let yourself be seduced by the play of colors.

Fine veins, the cell structure typical of fluid painting and unrepeatable color gradients are characteristic of Dirty Pour. These can be delicately transparent, almost meditative as in "Power" or eye-catching and passionate as in the heart motif "Glamor". You can buy art from me that invites you to look at it at any time, even if you opt for a work of art made using the flip-cup technique. Here all colors are mixed beforehand, but applied with a mug. The paint flows over the upturned and raised cup directly onto the canvas: the work of art "Resistance" is impressive evidence of this!

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