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Real paintings are like a treasure. They represent an encounter with life, moving to places full of magic. A work of art opens the door to fantasy. Experience the beauty of a rose in all its facets - even in winter. With a thousand subtle shades, it fascinates in a natural environment as well as on your wall! Are you looking for a cheerful motive? "The Kramermarkt" delights with a colorful balloon mix of animals and figures.

With me you can buy art that translates enthusiasm for nature, sea and marine life into oil on canvas. Blue sky invite you to dream. Parallel towering sailing masts tell of the merry sailing trip on the high seas. Do you recognize the figures on deck? They are small and at the same time important accents with their movements and their colourfulness.

My picture is a realistic depiction of beach life on Norderney, but also an abstract painting that is dedicated to colors, shapes and materials. Heaven and earth, water and wood, nets and rust, orders and vertical masts: everything has its meaning. I invite you to go on a discovery tour with me and find a painting that takes you on a personal journey again and again.

All hand painted unique pieces in different techniques!

Artist artwork buy structure - Abstract No. 1408
Title. "Abstract No. 1408"
Format: 60 x 80 x 4 cm
Acrylic / structure on canvas completely covered!
With a noble artist certificate
RRP 185,00 EUR
Only 165,00 EUR
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations
1 to 16 (from a total of 154)
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