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Abstract paintings are very attractive. On the one hand you are calm and let your thoughts run free: Nothing is fixed, everything is open. Colors dominate, lines, accents. With this calm, abstract landscapes reveal their own inner worlds that expand real experiences in nature. Abstract art paintings are also lively because they do not restrict the imagination, but rather challenge: Works of art that embark on a color tone such as “Rusty Bay”, are filled with a spatula or combine different materials, evoke different associations every time. Does “rusty prospects” show the meeting of dunes and sea? Abstract paintings lure to controversy and relaxation equally in living area and office.

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How are abstract landscapes created?

As an artist, the change of perspective appeals to me. Abstract paintings are not created from a template. They are linked to feelings and moods that landscapes trigger in me. I invite you to discover nature with me in “meadows” or “almond trees” that does not exist in reality. Or is it? Doesn't everyone recognize their own inner world in the magnificent play of colors under the fragrant summer sky? This acrylic painting fascinates with exuberant colors, oscillating light and soft shapes.

Abstract landscapes capture feelings and translate them into their own visual language that makes individual experience clear. Perhaps you think of my art paintings: "This is exactly how I experienced fantastic spring days in the midst of blooming almond trees!" Abstract paintings are like instruments that make a person's inner strings sound. You see the abstract painting, and by means of a wonderful color scheme, graphic elements and combined materials, numerous new levels and spaces open up that go far beyond what has been seen.

I use high quality acrylic paints for my abstract seascapes and landscapes. Why? Acrylic paints shine and are long lasting. The rust and patina create exciting interfaces with the acrylic paint due to the different properties of the material. Pay attention to interesting details that are initially invisible: small bumps that leave a haptic impression. Or lines that appear spontaneously and invite you to contemplate.

Before you buy art online, ask yourself questions. What is it that moves you deeply? Choose blue if you love the sea. Or contrasting red and rust, which symbolize the earth and its treasures.

Abstract art lives from inner harmony, which leads to great expanse in feeling and thinking. You are never finished with abstract seascapes or paintings of meadows. You will always discover new things, ask yourself questions or simply immerse yourself in the wonderful colors: depending on the mood in which you look at your abstract landscape.

Buy abstract landscapes & modern unique landscape painting

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