Maritime Motifs

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Maritime motifs

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Sailboats on the horizon, shimmering reflections of light, golden sand, which invites to barefoot running and to linger. My maritime artworks tell stories. Stories of the sea, full of tranquility and intimacy. People play no role in these atmospheric oil paintings.It is nature in all its beauty that fascinates and invites to pause. Maritime paintings testify to the love of the sea, its grandeur, its size, its infinite variety. "Calm sea" appears in horizontal lines and stripes. 

Gentle waves splash on land - the viewer thinks they can hear. Or do you want to go for a walk on Jutland's beach? Above the Danish North Sea runs along typical dune landscape, a path into the distance. The rippling sea breathes as liveliness as the two white clouds set in contrast to the blue sky. But not only is it quiet at sea! Discover a regatta at Fluessen-Mora. In the wind wide inflated sails stand out from a gray sea in white with soft Roséton. Buoys float on the water surface as red splashes of color. Sailors, ocean freaks and nature lovers alike will enjoy these wonderful paintings! With observation, brush and attention to detail, I create a world that is realistic, atmospherically  and alive.

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