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Thank you very much for your interest in my art and myself as a painter! I am happy to tell you a little about myself and my career in painting, what fascinates and stimulates me as an artist and how I capture moods and impressions in my pictures. I am a passionate painter and your contact person for realistic oil paintings as well as for abstract painting in large format.

My name is Peggy Liebenow and I am a real child from the north, born in East Frisia and baptized with seawater. Born in Leer in 1970, grew up in Ihrhove (Westoverledingen), I still live in Northern Germany today, but now in the tranquil 26209 Hatten near Oldenburg: This is where I dropped anchor as a person and as an artist, have found the center of my life and work in their own studio. I also enjoy creating art projects with other artists from the region and am a member of several art associations. Although I live with my art in the quiet and seclusion of the northern German countryside, I also like to look outside the box and my work is not only present in nearby Oldenburg, but throughout the EU and worldwide. I send my realistic and abstract works of art internationally and my works of art hang in Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands as well as in France and Great Britain.

As an artist, I am self-taught and have taught myself the basics and subtleties of painting from my earliest youth, and at the age of 13 I won a youth art award. I often received a lot of tips and advice to refine my realistic oil painting from restorers and older, experienced artists. My artistic career extends over decades. A love of painting and colors, careful observation and constant refinement of my technique were my constant companions, as was my interest in people and their living environment, but also in nature and above all the sea. In my East Frisian homeland, on the Dutch IJsselmeer or in Denmark, I sit on the jetty with my sketch pad, listen to the singing of the wind and the waves, take photos, immerse myself in the peace and gain strength for the inspiration of my paintings. Maritime motifs with their relaxed, calm and serene aura therefore take up a lot of space when choosing a motif, especially in my free painting.

But I also like to banish motifs from nature such as flowers, portraits of people and animals or scenes from full life such as the fair or at dance with oil paints on canvas. I like to work out realistic oil paintings based on my own sketches or photographs that I have made myself. I have already won several international art awards for my works of art, and I'm proud of that. I have always painted from an early age, but between my training and professional life, painting was “only” a hobby, albeit a seriously pursued one, with exhibitions in Germany and abroad. At some exhibitions / fairs you can watch me painting / drawing over my shoulder.

I have been working fully as a freelance artist since 2010. In addition to my free art, I create works of art as commissioned works according to customer requirements. I am always looking forward to new challenges and thus give my works a piece of reality. I also create large-format paintings using the abstract painting technique in formats of up to 3 m in length and 1,80 m in height. All works of art are hand-painted by me, line by line.

My works of art can be found in companies, offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, galleries, in art magazines, in art books and among art lovers.

In December 2016 I received the WINSOR & NEWTON PRIZE at the PALM ART AWARD and 2017 Certificate of Excellence, as well as the ART OF HOPE AWARD 2020.

Art Exclusive online shop for over 12 years and, last but not least, 12 years of loyal customers and friendly feedback. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for that.
Have I aroused your interest in my works of art as an artist for realistic oil paintings and abstract paintings? Then feel free to contact me!

Colorful greetings Your Peggy Liebenow


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