Commission painting

Commissioned painting in different painting styles & techniques

  • Abstract paintings according to customer requirements
  • Portrait after photo
  • Have an animal portrait drawn
  • portrait prices

Hand painted abstract art made to order

Are you looking for a modern, abstract work of art that will suit your interior?
In the shop there are ready-made abstract acrylic paintings, which you can use to orientate yourself what kind of painting style I am doing.
Do you like one of my works of art only the size or color does not match?

Auftragsmalerei/moderne abstrakte Bilder kaufen

A little note for your kindly acknowledgment:
I generally do not paint copies of works by other artists,
because I always create my own painting exclusively.



Oil portrait from photo | Realistic portrait painted by hand

°°° Your photo turns into a portrait! Everything, whether personal portraits, wedding portraits, double portraits, baby portraits, family portraits, company portraits with logo, animal portraits, cat portraits, dog portraits or horse portraits. °°°
Portrait nach Foto malen lassen

Your portrait from the photo as a "highlight" for your home?

A portrait as a painting is a captured moment, immortalized as an oil painting. Each canvas is individually hand-painted with oil, line by line, and therefore always unique. I only use high-quality, finest and particularly lightfast artist's colors. The painting techniques that I offer you are oil, acrylic, pastel chalk and pencil in the style of photo realism. Every photo is treated securely and discreetly by me.
I offer you person portraits, single / double portraits, animal portraits, family portraits, wedding portraits, group portraits, full body portraits and company portraits with logo. For special occasions it is an original, unforgettable and personal gift idea e.g. wedding, birthday, Christmas, Easter, anniversary, memories, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and much more.


Your portrait from a photo as an oil painting

Whether as an original gift or for your own four walls, an oil painting depicting your portrait or that of your children is an attractive eye-catcher. Portrait painting has been practiced for a long time, especially in the aristocratic houses. In today's photography era, however, it is no longer necessary for the painter to stand for hours as a model. Even if the beloved pet is to be captured artistically, the portrait after photo naturally works best.

Commissioned painting abstract - as desired
Price on request
1 to 4 (from a total of 4)

Have an animal portrait drawn | Pencil drawings based on a photo

A good photo is a prerequisite for a successful animal portrait drawing, the more realistic your animal portrait will turn out! You will receive an original pencil drawing as I draw every stroke / line by hand. Only in advance you will receive a preview photo of your animal portrait after completion, I will only send this digitally as a preview - you will receive from me after your OK - the original animal portrait drawing will not be sent as a print or anything like that.
Tierportrait von Hand zeichnen lassen-

Have an animal portrait drawn from the photo with pastel chalk

Animal portraits with pastel chalk look gentle, soft and radiate liveliness. A hand-drawn animal drawing is always well received by animal lovers as a gift idea, often you are first frozen with joy and then totally HAPPY. Send me a well-made photo (the eyes and fur should definitely be clearly visible) and I will draw your animal portrait with loving details with pastel chalk.
Tierporträt zeichnen lassen mit Pastellkreide