Buy paintings from 900 euros

Buy paintings & artworks from 900 euros

Buy paintings & works of art for an exclusive ambience


At you will discover something special for contemporary, modern architect
ure or noble old buildings.
Use the power and expression of colors. Violet has always been the color of kings, full of dignity and powerful calm. The fine vibrations elated make this hue and cheerful, while red energetic and revitalizing effect on the viewer. Bring the sun onto your wall with a pure play of yellow colors. That is why you can also find this radiant, warm shade in extremely colorful Peggy Liebenow unique pieces. Blue and green as basic colors evoke so many associations that the art world cannot be imagined without them: Discover it for yourself!

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Art knows no borders


Art is universal. When you buy paintings and pictures, this language is immediately communicated, as in 1363 and 1364 . Street art techniques with typography and structure in mixed media unfold in expressive fireworks that also allow symbols such as hearts and peace signs to speak.

You can also order your artwork if you wish. For each wall I paint you paintings in the colors of your choice. These can be monochrome colored areas, blooming meadow flowers or color clusters placed one on top of the other: Let us advise you!

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