spatula painting technique

Hand-painted, modern palette knife painting technique will cast a spell over you.


If you have a spatula painting on your wall, you will keep looking at the art painting. The pasty application of paint alone arouses the curiosity of every visitor. Whether in the office or in your home, you can upgrade your room with a modern work of art using knife painting technology.

There are a number of different spatulas and painting knives for the knife painting technique with acrylic paint. With the spatula technique, the works of art are worked with acrylic paint - acrylic paint leaves intense structures on the previously primed canvas and with your selected monochrome background color. In contrast to painting with brushes, the original work of art is given more depth. With the knife painting technique, the colors are applied to the painting surface with a painting knife or spatula so that interesting structures are created after drying.
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Buying abstract art means discovering a spatula technique


Are you looking for art that reveals a new secret every time you look? The expressive moments of the structure and layers of color and each wall? Then I invite you to discover spatula pictures at Peggy Liebenow Online Studio! Let yourself of a color palette, you die a dazzling summer stress related, but remain in the abstract as seen in paintings 1301. Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Black an atmospheric standard with participation ,, in Abstract 1303 bright blue in contrast to a fiery Red: water and fire or balanced geometric shapes that divide the canvas? The imagination is allowed to unfold!

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Spatula technique has many faces


With primer and numerous layers of paint as well as with various paint spatulas of different shapes, I achieve effects that attract the eye from close up as well as they look far away. Spatula pictures, as a large-sized flowers, act equally soothing and stimulating a sofa, sideboard and meeting table. Why? Liebenow works of art open the view. For what has been seen, remembered and felt, but also for unimagined possibilities that life offers us. In this sense, buying abstract art means: uncovering new ideas or indulging in complete relaxation. Both are possible when you select an image corresponding color psychology in itself!