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Welcome to the artful shopping experience at Art Exclusive! Peggy Liebenow opens the doors to an exclusive sale where prices are shrinking and strong offers await you.

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Do you love something special? Would you like a unique piece on your wall, a work of art that invites you to look at it and take a walk again and again? Then let the works of art in my shop work on you. Here you will find atmospheric beach landscapes, sailboats, flowers and abstract art, depending on your personal preference. With my works you are holding a unique item in your hands that is just as eye-catching above the sofa as it is in the office. The greatest artists have always created their paintings in oil. Unique moods, light reflections and color shades can be worked out with oil paints. Oil paintings dry slowly. Works of art are created layer by layer in an artistic process to which I would now like to invite you! With me you will discover & buy art online that nobody else in the world owns.


Abstract paintings with an individual character.

Abstract paintings are always something special. They do not stick to a motif, are impressions and feelings translated into color rather than concrete representations. This is precisely why they stimulate the viewer's imagination. It can be a certain color with which I invite you to let your thoughts wander. Pay attention to shapes, lines and structures. What do you see in it? Do you feel reminded of an experience, a feeling, for example when you listen to the waves at the sea? With me you can buy abstract paintings that leave space for your own experience. My paintings should be like a mirror that invites you to embark on your own inner journey.

You no longer need to visit the nearest gallery to discover your favorite piece. Let us take you on a journey into the world of abstract art online! You can buy abstract art online from me that explores the possibilities of new visual language. Sometimes I'll take you to the sea, sometimes we stand on a flower meadow or look at the sky. Art is expression in an individual, also flexible form. Nothing stays static when you look at an abstract work of art. On the contrary: you will always discover something new, find new associations when you look at my artworks.

Take the time now to get to know my abstract paintings in different techniques: fluid paintings that score with wonderful colors and surprising motifs. Or acrylic paintings with skilful image division and radiant colours. Spatula paintings & figurative abstract paintings with powerful colors fit in every room and find their place as a highlight. What appeals to you most? art is personal. You can also choose according to your feelings! Or order your own abstract one-of-a-kind for your blank wall in your interior colors.


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Discover and buy hand-painted art online.

Discover and buy hand-painted art online.

Where can you buy art? Maybe in a gallery, but will you find your favorite work of art there? Anyone who wants to buy art online can get inspiration from me. Which motif do you like? Would you like a commissioned portrait based on a photo, a maritime motif, a landscape painting or an abstract picture based on a particular topic? Not everyone likes realistic pictures. Monochrome pictures set a nice accent in color and invite contemplation and discussion. You can also give me an order: I would be happy to paint your four-legged friend with his or her specific facial expression in pastel. Because my passion is to capture things, maritime, landscapes, people and animals in depth. Every detail counts! The subtleties that the trained eye can recognize and implement with a brush and paint. Let yourself be surprised what kind of art is created for your home.
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Buy art and create lines of sight has been a guarantee for high-quality paintings by artists for over fourteen years. Each original is created step by step with a brush and paint, spatula, marker or mixed media. Sand, stones, lime, marble dust, structure pastes and paper create depth and structure as well as the conscious use of numerous color nuances. 

A picture can be tone on tone, refer to two contrasting colors in gradations or present a firework of colors. What began 25 years ago as has been duly continued in numerous online galleries for fourteen years with Here you can shop safely

Paintings in different sizes and for every wall


Buying art is not a matter of passing by. If you want to find originals that inspire you at all times, you should search carefully and carefully. Ask yourself questions. Which shades do you particularly like? In which ambience should your new work of art hang? Would you like coordinated theme images? Or should different rooms be equipped with matching paintings? Questions open spaces for what is possible. Every home, every law firm and every practice is given a specific character, a charisma, through art. One-offs can be matched with a matching wall background. Let inspire you. Here you can shop safely and around the clock. Here you can come and go whenever it suits you. So you can quickly feel which works of art have a special pull on you!

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