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Do you love colors, shapes and visual arts? Do you wish to have an original on your own four walls? My name is Peggy Liebenow. For many years I work as an artist with oil, acrylic, pencil and pastel. In my paintings I painting moods, feelings, landscapes, animals and faces into distinctive, harmonious compositions. Under my brush strokes are realistic oil paintings with many nuances and interesting details.

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Title: Snowdrops with Dew
Format: 40 x 30 cm
Realistic flower painting in oil
Oil on canvas completely covered!
450,00 EUR
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations
1 to 16 (from a total of 16)
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Oil, the color of Goya, Velasquez, Dürer and Cézanne, requires a slow, perfectly crafted handling of the brush. High-quality oil paint does not lose its shine and noble appearance even after years. Unlike acrylic, the layers are carefully applied one after another, often only after a layer has dried.Now you have the opportunity to have a picture made. Maybe you have a certain subject in mind for years? Do you want a portrait after a photo of your children or the whole family? Whatever your motive, I take time for your painting!

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An oil painting is created

Before commissioning your painting, be inspired. On my website you discover very different topics. Whether happy balloons from the Oldenburg Kramermarkt, atmospheric landscapes on the water or lively portraits: I want to capture the moment. Especially with oil wonderful moods can be created. I advise you in detail on the possibilities of converting your photograph into an oil painting. Perspective, background and image detail play an essential role. But also light and shade, attitude or certain accessories set accents and give the painting its individuality.


Depending on how much space you have, you can order different formats. I paint your oil painting on high quality canvas with stretcher, whereby the sides are painted. Let me show you in my gallery: every picture breathes vitality, no matter if it's a flower, a sound of the sea, a human scene, a balloon or a landscape.

This is exactly what my art brings to your order portrait: whether through a characteristic movement, a certain look or a gentle smile. Originals invite you to look. Real art gives your home individuality. A picture out of an artist's hand is like a friend: you look at it again and again and again discover new things.


Buy oil paintings directly from the artist

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