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Buy paintings up to 900 euros


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Paintings help shape spaces. Use the power of shapes and colors with hand-painted unique pieces. Around the clock you will discover pictures with a strong message in Peggy Liebenow's gallery. Whether eye-catcher in your company, enrichment for your law firm or art for your own four walls: Find paintings up to 1000 euros that unfold a fascinating effect every day! Immerse yourself in powerful red, relaxing blue, natural tones or a firework of colors. Each original is painted on quality canvas and hand-reared on fir wood frame. So your work of art hangs perfectly.


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Artwork Shapes Spaces

  • Harness the power of shapes and colors with hand-painted unique pieces to shape your spaces.
  • Explore Peggy Liebenow's gallery around the clock to discover artworks with strong statements that captivate and inspire day after day.
  • Whether as a focal point in your office, an enhancement for your law firm, or art for your own home, find paintings under 900 euros that create a fascinating impact.
  • Immerse yourself in powerful reds, calming blues, natural tones, or an explosion of colors to invigorate your surroundings.
  • Each original artwork is painted on high-quality canvas and hand-stretched on a pine wood frame, ensuring a perfect display for your artwork.

Buying Artwork That Inspires

  • Art should not only please the eye but can also be an investment.
  • Purchase art directly from the online shop "Art Exclusive" by artist Peggy Liebenow.
  • The paintings should enrich your spaces and add a personal touch.
  • In the selection, you will find pop art faces, abstract paintings, modern art, graffiti, realistic oil paintings, and textured art paintings - here, you are sure to find your favorite piece.