hanging paintings correctly

Buying paintings: hanging paintings correctly

Have you already found your dream painting at art-exclusive.de? Or do you want to go on a search and buy paintings that inspire? You won't find any reproduced art with me. With me you will only discover unique items online, painted on canvas with high-quality oil or acrylic paints. It can be a summer rape field or a sailing ship on the IJsselmeer, a dune landscape or an abstract work of art. Sooner or later, however, the same question always arises: Where and how do I hang my work of art?

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Buy hand-painted paintings and place them effectively in the room.

However, many people want to see their favorite painting in a specific place on the wall. Large-area furniture such as sofa, chest of drawers, sideboard or beanbag can serve as orientation for the right place at home. A rule of thumb is: the center of the painting should be between 1.40 and 1.50 meters. The lower edge of a painting should be between ten and 30 millimeters away from a sideboard, for example. Buying hand-painted paintings also means for the perfect position: The center of the painting corresponds approximately to the eye level of the viewer, exactly arranged 1 third above eye level and 2 thirds below eye level.


Bilder Richtig aufhängen

Bilder Richtig aufhängen - Art Exclusive


Place effectively


When you buy paintings online, you will find that paintings work in many places on the wall. Works of art greet those entering in the hallway and entrance area. In the bedroom they create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, in the living and working area art can be calming as well as inspiring and stimulating. Basically, there are no specifications as to where which motif has to be hung. An abstract work of art with many colors or exciting color gradients can have a stimulating effect over a sofa and also decorate the dining area. Those who prefer to sink into beach chairs from Norderney or watch the waves pouring in on the beach can hang these motifs anywhere. Just pick a favorite place. A place where your painting looks good from the incidence of light and the size of the wall. The furnishing style, the size and texture of the furniture also play a decisive role.


Paintings can hang next to each other if this is thematically consistent. If one picture hangs next to the other in the so-called Petersburg hanging, the gaze can wander and with it the imagination. References are made, a character of uniformity emerges. If you decide to place different motifs next to each other, the colors should correspond with each other. This can of course also be done using contrasts. If you want to buy and hang multiple paintings, it is best to hang them two to seven centimeters apart.