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Pet portrait from photo - a unique memory

Photos are certainly also media that can aptly depict your four-legged friend. But the original drawing is really one of a kind. It is not just that you have your pet drawn from a photo that makes it unique. It is also the more individual representation that emphasizes the characteristics of the animal shown with a lot of passion. I study the photos supplied intensively. As an animal lover, I manage (at least according to numerous satisfied customers) to empathize with the respective animal drawing in such a way that the individual features are worked out for some with amazing accuracy.
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Animal portrait as a gift

Therefore, an animal portrait from the photo can also be used as a very personal gift. Give your friends an unforgettable memory of your favorite pet. Of course, I can create any animal drawing that is desired. Whether horse, dog or cat, parakeet or parrot. For each darling, I take the necessary time to get involved

Portraits according to customer requirements in oil, pencil or pastel?

You can choose between oil on canvas, pencil drawing and pastel drawing techniques. In the three techniques I naturally work with the highest quality materials. Using the examples presented on my website, you can choose what suits your darling best.

If the animal portrait is made from the photo in pencil, the shading is very important, because the means of color support is not given here.
Light and shadow bring the animal portrait to life in a very unique way. I work out all the nuances of the animal down to the last detail. If you have the portrait drawn in pastel from the photo, the special effect of this technique gives you a three-dimensional impression that makes the pet appear almost alive.
I use high-quality pastel chalk on the best pastel paper to achieve this effect. I work intensively with every detail of the picture to create an impressive memory for you. If you want your animal lover to paint the photo in oil, then the unmistakable character of your animal will be reflected.

You will be satisfied!
Hand-painted animal portraits are unique representations that adorn your wall with your favorite animal without it becoming faded or boring. A lasting memory that highlights the best of the animal friend's character.

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Which painting techniques are available for portrait painting:
  • Oil painting
  • Pastel painting
  • Pencil drawing
What portraits of animals do I paint or draw:
  • Horse portrait
  • Dog portrait
  • Cat portrait
  • Bird portrait and much more.

Pet portrait from photo - a unique memory