Figurative paintings

Figurative painting

Figurative painting for a modern, exclusive ambience

Want to let the imagination run wild? Are you in the mood for fresh colors? Then discover large-format, abstract works with charm and esprit at Let yourself be fascinated by laughing and questioning faces, by heads looking directly from the screen or seen in profile. Figurative abstract painting appears spontaneous through its play of colors and shapes. These large-format works of art by artists show humor, liveliness, movement, a juxtaposition and togetherness that is fun and is always a pleasure to look at.
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Art Paintings Figurative: geometric shapes and beautiful colors

The attraction of figurative painting lies in the concentration on the essential. The two works of art "Masquerade" and "Maskenball" present themselves on many walls as modern eye-catchers, which create a cheerful mood with both fine and fresh pastel tones and release numerous positive associations. Large and small, mostly round shapes overlap and find their way together in a cheerful figurative interaction. As a result, new thoughts are released again and again. This figurative painting enters into a game, a masquerade or a masked ball with the viewers: everyone belongs! The figures conjured up in acrylic paints with a brush on the canvas as well as the art lovers who stand in amazement in front of the pictures.


Figurative painting in many variations

In the versatility of art lies great power. Art Paintings figurative, for example, can show people abstractly from the front, but also from the back. Family” is a large-format work that ranges from cream to sienna, Havana brown, oxy, ocher and ocher pastel to gray and black in pleasant natural tones. Here you see six backs standing side by side. They look to the side turned away from the viewer. On the one hand, all the figures are similar in terms of coloring, on the other hand, the contours are clearly separated from each other. This increases the tension and the question of what these people are dealing with. The answer remains open: Obviously, many possibilities can be found!


Unique pieces of great power: figurative abstract paintings

Large format figurative abstract paintings fit perfectly into a modern ambience, whether in the living or dining area, in an architect's office or in a hotel lobby. Each painting carries a certificate of authenticity and is carefully handcrafted. In addition to the signature on the back, this is also evidenced by my handprint. Let yourself be carried away by my figurative painting: into a world of colours, forms, togetherness and artistic communication. Art that builds bridges!
abstract figurative colorful painting cubism1
abstract figurative painting cubism1

Double the Fun: Summer Party and Summer Fest Artwork Pair Perfectly for a Harmonious Home Decor"


The two artworks "Summer Party" and "Summer Fest" are perfectly matched and complement each other beautifully. When hung side by side in a room, they create a harmonious overall picture that perfectly captures the mood.

Whether in the living room or on a sideboard, these artworks are eye-catching and bring any room to life. Both works feature similar colors and an abstract, figurative representation that exudes a playful and carefree mood.

The artwork "Summer Party" depicts imaginative costume wearers in a lively representation, while "Summer Fest" shows a group of people in summer attire. Both works have a format of 60 x 60 x 4 cm and are stretched on a frame.

By hanging these artworks together, you create a unique atmosphere that brings the summery mood into your home. The colors and design of the two artworks complement each other perfectly and create a harmonious overall picture.

Another advantage of these artworks is their versatility. They fit well with modern as well as classic interior design styles and can be presented in various ways. Whether hung side by side or placed on a sideboard, these artworks will impress your guests and enhance your living space.

Overall, "Summer Party" and "Summer Fest" are two artworks that complement each other perfectly, creating a harmonious overall picture. If you own both artworks, you should definitely hang them side by side in your room to enjoy the summery mood and enhance your decor.