heart format

Heart-shaped paintings as a wedding, Valentine's Day or birthday gift idea!


Here you will Fündig: gift for loved ones. As a present, heart-shaped paintings are particularly romantic and personal. The heart symbol exudes love, security and warmth. Heart-shaped paintings are not only suitable for giving away: No- No, it also gives you winged harmony in your own living room or bedroom.

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Buy acrylic paintings online in heart format


Here in the online gallery for abstract painting you will find a wide selection of  heart-shaped paintings on canvas, these were painted in abstract style of hand. Buying paintings online is not that difficult if you are unsure whether the painting will suit you. Send us a photo of the place where it should hang later and we will make up to three times a photomontage of your wall and the painting.

Are you an art lover and you begin Modern Art of Art Exclusive to collect. Hand-painted, modern paintings are a good investment and you only get one-off pieces here in the shop. Original works are alive and long-lasting. Browse our online gallery for authentic paintings and be inspired by the abstract hand-painted art paintings and realistic painting. Buy one or more paintings directly from an artist if you want to enrich your artificial heart with original art paintings.

  • All heart formats are already covered on frames and can be hung up immediately.
  • Especially as a gift: for Mother's Day, Valencian Day and for weddings.
  • The heart shines: love, security, solidarity and warmth.
  • In the living room, bathroom, kitchen or bedroom your space is thereby equal peaceable