Medium work of art

Buy loving modern hand-painted original paintings

From a side length of 50 cm. You will find what you are looking for between acrylic paintings and oil paintings.

Harmony - buy hand-painted original work 1

Format: 60 x 40 x 2 cm
With the finest artist acrylic paints
Canvas stretched on a high-quality stretcher frame

250,00 EUR
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations
1 to 24 (from a total of 69)

Buy medium-sized modern hand-painted original paintings


Here you can find acrylic paintings in abstract style or oil paintings in realistic style at affordable prices. Whether for your mare's house, young living or over your guest bed, here you will find works of art with that certain something for every room. Realistic oil paintings will fit your modern bathroom as well as your vacation home. Every room invites you to take a little trip to the sea. The maritime oil paintings spray that pure holiday feeling into your rooms. Among other things, you will also find modern, abstract acrylic works of art here, which refresh and enliven your living space or give your living room and dining room a sociable touch.

Buy loving modern hand-painted original paintings

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