Commissioned painting abstract

Commission painting abstract pictures | Your personal unique for your room

Auftragsmalerei Abstrakte Bilder Ihr Unikat

Are you looking for an abstract work of art in specific colors that suits your interior? Let me paint your personal unique for your rooms!

Often after a renovation or a new decor of premises simply missing the matching mural for the wall! Here at Art Exclusive you can request 100% non-binding and I will advise you!

Commissioned painting abstract - as desired
Price on request
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Commision acrylic paintings by Art Excluisve directly from the painter Peggy Liebenow


One of my finished abstract acrylic paintings is exactly the right taste, only the format size is not suitable for you?
From 10 x 10 cm to 3 x 2 meters I like to draw a similar picture - so you get your own personal unique for your four walls.


Abstract, acrylic paintings according to customer requirements is a wonderful gift idea

The creative excellente effect of artworks on rooms, their inhabitants and visitors should not be underestimated. By hand-painted acrylic paintings individually adapted to the premises, every apartment, every office and every house can be upgraded in terms of ambience and atmosphere. In my studio I like to paint pictures as a gift idea for your friends or acquaintances to move into your new house or apartment.

Abstrakte Auftragsmalerei Ihr Kunstwerk nach Wunsch

Painting abstract art images on order, buying works of art for business

You are looking for modern, unique murals and not mass-produced items for your progressive company. Here at Art Exclusive there are only unique! Order now abstract acrylic paintings in your desired colors and sizes at Art Exclusive.

Handgemalte modern Kunst kaufen art exclusive - Abstrakt 1384  Große abstrakte Malerei unikat - 1340

Moderne Kunst Große Bilder unternehmen - Abstrakt 1339  Abstrakte Blumen Malerei XXL Besprechungszimmer - 1304

Here at Art Exclusive you can request 100% non-binding and I will advise you!

A little note for your kindly acknowledgment:
If you order a work of art from me, you will always receive an individually created, unique piece from me. That means, even if I create a picture according to your wishes from the motif or the colors, you will always receive an original picture of Peggy Liebenow from my studio. As a matter of principle, I do not paint copies of works by other artists, because I always create my own painting exclusively. Even with commissioned work on me, you will always receive an absolutely unique piece in my personal artistic signature. I ask for your understanding.