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"Drawing is the art of taking brushstrokes for a walk."

Paul Klee

Let me take you on a very special walk - on a journey through a world of colors and shapes, from a simple photograph of a magical work of art of very special value. Stroke by line, I lend your portrait an unmistakable uniqueness, so that the viewer will remain in speechless amazement before the result.

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Portrait painting by the commission painter - an art that has it all

The face of a human reflects his soul. All emotions can be read in the facial expressions of a person - from joy, delight, love, affection and happiness to grief, anger and annoyance to fear, rejection and disappointment. The task of the portrait painter is to bring these emotions to the screen. This is not only possible with the techniques of painting that have been learned, the most important thing is that the artist can empathize with the individual's emotional world, that he is able to feel empathy. This is the only way to ensure that not only a high-quality product is created, but an admirable work of art, which is filled with life by these emotions. The viewer should feel every little nuance of this person to feel and get the feeling to catch a glimpse into the soul of the person portrayed.

I have set myself the task - to capture the uniqueness and uniqueness of an individual with dedication and passion for detail on the canvas. Touching and pleasing people is what makes commissioned painting such a valuable asset for me as an artist. Anyone who wants to have me paint a portrait goes into responsible hands and gets a hand-painted unique piece that will gracefully decorate any home.

Portrait painting - directly from the artist in oil, acrylic, pastel crayon or pencil

There are a variety of occasions to perpetuate himself and / or his loved ones on a specially . Anyone who wants to paint and draw a picture of me will receive wonderful and unique gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Mother's, Father's or Valentine's Day. There is nothing more beautiful than an individually made present in the form of a hand-painted portrait.

Of course, you can also have your animals paint pictures that will be a wonderful and lasting memory in your home. For your paintings, I only use artist's paints of selected quality, creating particularly high-quality and light-fast works of art in the style of photorealism.


i paint and made painting draw your photo - as a custom-made commissioned work by a professional

Once you have decided on a photo that you would like to have painting from me, it is up to me to make a unique and perfectly tailored painting from it. I can paint a variety of motives in portrait: animal photos, person portraits, photos of couples, children or group portraits, company portraits with integrated logo, wedding portraits and even declarations of love or marriage proposals in the form of canvas art. Do not be shy to contact me, I will follow your personal wishes and provide you with a unique work of art that will leave a lasting impression.

Which portraits or assignments do I paint in oil.

  • Person portrait
  • Single and double portrait
  • Family portrait
  • Wedding portrait
  • Animal portrait e.g. cat - horse - dog - parrot and much more.
  • Group portrait
  • Full body portrait
  • Baby portrait
  • Child portrait
  • Company portrait with logo - price according to the complexity of the details
  • House portrait - price according to the complexity of the details
  • vehicles Vacation photos - price according to the complexity of the details