In the magical realm of the forest spirits

Children's books by Peggy Liebenow

Peggy Liebenow - Children's book arthor and illustrator

Whilst making a name for myself as a passionate artist, I discovered another creative passion in stories. My writing reflects my love of nature, imagination and heart-warming adventures.
The Forest Spirits book series and the Owl stories take children into a magical world of friendship, courage and enchantment. As a writer, I want to share stories that not only entertain, but also convey values such as self-confidence, cohesion and the beauty of nature.
My work as a writer complements my artistic journey perfectly and I look forward to inviting my readers into the captivating world of my books. Dive in and experience the magic of words in my stories!

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Discover magic and adventure in my children's books for little explorers!

Why are children's books important?
Children's books are more than just stories - they lay the foundations for a fulfilling life. In my lovingly designed children's books for ages 4 and up, young readers experience magical adventures that not only entertain, but also convey important values.

Courage for a fulfilled life:
My stories encourage children to overcome challenges and face new situations. Through the diverse characters in the books, young readers learn that courage is the key to exciting adventures and personal growth.

Friendship, cohesion and helpfulness:
The world of forest spirits and owls tells of strong friendships, cohesion and the importance of helping each other. These important values promote social skills and harmonious coexistence.

Individuality, strength and self-confidence:
Each book encourages children to value their own individuality and builds self-confidence in young readers. The characters in my stories overcome obstacles and show that there is strength in diversity.

Support when falling asleep:
With soothing stories, the children's books offer a wonderful way to end the day together. The magical stories create a relaxed atmosphere and gently accompany young readers into the land of dreams.

Overcome fears and boost self-confidence:
The adventures in the books show that it is normal to have fears, but also how to overcome them. This strengthens self-confidence and teaches children that they can overcome challenges.

Reading time together to strengthen the parent-child bond:
Children's books offer not only the little ones, but also the grown-ups the opportunity to lose themselves in shared reading time. The powerful messages not only encourage imagination, but also strengthen the bond between parents and children.

A closeness to nature and the message of animals:
The stories are infused with a love of nature and playfully convey respect for animals and the environment. The characters experience adventures in harmony with nature and leave an important message for young nature lovers.

Magical stories for first-time readers:
The children's books are specially designed for first-time readers. The clear, easy-to-read font in an optimal size and line spacing makes it easier to start reading and makes the books ideal companions for the first steps into the world of letters.

E-books and hardcovers:
Discover the world of forest spirits and owls as an e-book with colourful pictures or as a high-quality hardcover with lots of lovely illustrations. The choice is entirely up to you to customise the reading experience according to your preferences.

Available soon:
My children's books will soon be available online in many well-known book portals or in your local bookshop. Order now in my shop, whether as a download or as a hardback book, and immerse yourself in the magical world of forest spirits.

Overview of the children's books:


  •     In the magical realm of the forest spirits
  •     The hidden worlds of the forest spirits
  •     Mysterious world of forest spirits
  •     Magic in the owl forest
  •     Friendship magic in the owl forest

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