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Every work of art benefits from the material used. Whether hand-painted oil paintings or gentle pastel drawings: The colors used and the background are partly responsible for the fact that my works of art appear lively and shine into the distance. Before you, as a customer, decide on a painting, I would like to introduce you to the world of colors. Regardless of the materials used, the following applies:
  • Each work of art is a hand-painted unique piece, with the realistic oil paintings and the modern acrylic paintings you will find my handprint on the back of the canvases.
  • I use the highest quality paints with a long lifespan.
  • Each picture has its own signature, which you can find either on the front or on the back.
  • A noble certificate identifies every work as a unique, high-quality artistic piece.
Künstler - Zertifikat Peggy Liebenow - Art Exclusive  Signatur Handabdruck Künstlerin Peggy Liebenow

Buy realistic oil paintings: hand-painted and distinctive

For every oil painting I use the finest and extra fine artist oil paints from well-known manufacturers | Luke 1862 | Rembrandt | Georgian. What are the characteristics of these high-quality colors? No resins are added to high quality oil paints. The brilliance of the colors is measured by the quality of the natural pigments. These are, for example, real cobalt or cadmium. They are used in a highly concentrated, uncut and pure way. Sunflower and linseed oils serve as binders, while a little beeswax ensures the smooth consistency of the color.
This way, even large pictures shine with wonderful colors! No wonder: even the old masters used these elaborately hand-made colors. That is why your works delight us with their color brilliance, lightfastness and richness of nuances, even after centuries! Experience and innovation are evident in my maritime motifs and realistic oil paintings with an unmistakable sheen and brilliant coloring.
Ölbilder kaufen original handgemalt


Abstract modern painting with acrylic

Depending on the painting technique, I use either colors from SCHMINCKE AKADEMIE, LUKAS ACRYL STUDIO, Amsterdam or GOLDEN High Flow for abstract art. Which colors I choose for my work depends on the respective abstract art technique: With Fluid Art, different colors are required than with a large-format flower. Acrylic paints dry quickly and have to be processed quickly. In the end, only one thing counts: That your picture looks perfect on the wall!
Buy snowdrop art directly from the artist
Title: Snowdrops with Dew
Format: 40 x 30 cm
Realistic flower painting in oil
Oil on canvas completely covered!
450,00 EUR
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations
1 to 24 (from a total of 112)

Buy hand-painted artworks online - Good to know

Decide according to your options. Can't find the right painting in the shop? Artwork according to customer requirements can be ordered in the required size and colors. Do you have a lot of space over a sofa or in the dining area? Or are you looking for a small, intimate format for bathroom and kitchen?

I paint oil paintings and acrylic paintings on high quality canvas

Good canvases weigh from 310g per m2. I often use heavier canvas from 390g to 440g per m2. These fabrics, certified by TÜV according to ISO 9001, have a particularly beautiful structure.  They are equally suitable for oil paint, acrylic and tempera. According to the old handicraft tradition, I stretch large-format canvases myself on the stretcher frames (wooden framework) and staple them on the back. This complex procedure requires care and time. But it is in the truest sense of the word the basis for a high quality painting through and through. Use canvases in smaller formats from well-known manufacturers. All canvases are primed several times in gray or white, depending on the painting technique. My canvases are drawn on sustainable and warp-free wood, which is why I mainly use local coniferous wood (spruce, pine & fir) from sustainable forestry and ensure that it is sufficiently dried

Drawn by hand: animal portrait in 3-D optics in pencil or as a fine pastel drawing?

Color, background and animal should match! That's why I draw on high-quality drawing paper, pastel paper or cardboard. Drawings have an effect through important details. Here I mix PanPastel, soft pastel crayons or Stabilo pastel pencils with the pastel drawings, as required. The different degrees of hardness of the pencils and graphite dust that I use in animal portraits give you a piece of the reality of your animal: animals and drawings should be alive!