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Modern art paintings - Buy something unique and original for your bare wall at Art Exclusive.

A little more color for your room? Modern art paintings will make your space bloom. Whether colorful, street art style or shapes here at Art Exclusive you can comfortably order your favorite painting on the couch and it will be with you in a few days.


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Modern art paintings always work.

What is the attraction of modern art? Modern art paintings underline a contemporary ambience, but can also be combined with classic or antique furniture. They are singular and do not repeat themselves. Without a specific subject, the viewer can let his mind wander or simply enjoy the color scheme. My artworks are bursting with joie de vivre. Whether in geometric shapes or in an interesting color combination.
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Why Buy Modern Art? Modern art inspired and abstracted. Modern art relies on geometric shapes and a rich color palette. Abstract paintings widen the view by linking to what has been seen or by enabling new perspectives on the inside. At art you will find numerous variants of abstract art for your wall. The viewer encounters the hand-painted acrylic painting 1373 with a fascinating spectrum of colors: Here, geometric areas of color in purple, yellow, orange, red, blue and earth tones are arranged in an underlying circular shape. This, in turn, is given an interesting grid by diagonals, dots and dark lines that complement each other to form a triangle, which is condensed in various places: action painting for living space, practice and office with many facets!

Handgemaltes Action painting Kunst Bild

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Modern Art has fascinated people for many decades. There are diverse brushstrokes, lively style and a positive attitude towards life that inspire the viewer. Your hand-painted one-of-a-kind can convince as in the case of Abstract 1342 in fresh and calming blue in a harmonious square above the sofa. Or express yourself in concentrated joie de vivre with a colorful color palette in a large circle as in Abstract 1382 . When you buy modern works of art, always take your ambience into account: Fragrant and cheerful 1399 also enhances small apartments!


Cool & Fine - Abstract No. 1342
Cool & Fine - Abstract No. 1342
Action Painting - Abstract 1382
Action painting kaufen - abstrakt no 1382
Harmoniously tuned - abstract 1399
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