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Give walls individuality with mixed media art

Buying abstract art means following feelings, inspirations and reduced forms. Abstract paintings are individual: they have personality and they interact with their owners or viewers. How is this accomplished? Peggy Liebenow relies on different techniques. In the case of mixed media, spray cans, markers and spatulas are used in addition to applying paint with various brushes. In this way, a work of art becomes particularly intense for the viewer in experiencing and perceiving individual aspects. This is about moods and feelings, about recognition and always about discovering something new. Abstract art is modern and never static. She reinvents herself again and again on every wall!
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Positive and versatile, life-affirming and reassuring

Laugh, dance, sing! Artwork 1364 shows these messages, alluding to street art with spray cans and typography. This unique piece is incredibly colorful and lively. It naturally and playfully incorporates common symbols such as symbolized terms into the entire paintings structure: an eye-catcher above the sofa, desk and sideboard alike. But mixed media can also be exactly the opposite. A white dream, gently caressing and soft in color: work of art 1313 shows how this is technically possible. Buying abstract art online has many exciting faces!

Abstract painting in mixed media is often the 'icing on the cake' for modern rooms

Sometimes you work with the knife or with the paintbrush, as well as with spray cans, charcoal, pens and much more. A lot is possible with mixed media on canvas.

Let yourself be delighted by the sassy modern work of art.

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Great art for every wallet. Let your living atmosphere in your rooms blossom. The painter Peggy Liebenow paints exclusive art that moves! Bring new zest to your home with large-format art.