Art in Holiday rentals

Art in the hotel, in the holiday home or apartment as an abstract painting in acrylic Good mood through art for the rest of your guests.

With unique hand painted art in the hotel Ensure good mood with your guests, no matter whether Geschäftseisende or leisure. Expressive colors in creative combination and harmonious elements on every painting put you in a relaxed mood and have a calming and stimulating effect at the same time. Sleep well under a hand-painted artwork in the hotel bed and the guest starts the new day well rested. Guests in a hotel or holiday accommodation know how to appreciate individually hand-painted paintings on the walls and feel creatively pampered and valued by you as the host. Art in the hotel, in the holiday home or in the holiday apartment as abstract painting in acrylic - good mood and harmonious mood by art for the rest of your guests.

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You can spice up art in a holiday home or a holiday apartment with abstract works of art and realistic maritime oil paintings from my shop Art Exclusive.

Whether in a smaller format in the individual guest room, as a representative XXL painting in the hotel foyer, as an eye-catcher, for example in the bar, in the lobby or as a harmonious and creative component in the wellness area or relaxation room, you will contribute to your well-being with unique hand-painted works of art on the walls Guests at!


Art pictures to feel good

Even the bathrooms can be effectively spiced up with an original work of art and thanks to cheerful and dynamic paintings such as "Colorsplash" or "Sause" your guests can literally bathe in colors and let them forget about everyday life. I create works of art for hotels, holiday apartments or holiday homes as abstract murals or as realistic oil paintings individually according to customer requirements.

These can be smaller or medium-sized formats in discreet colors and calm lines as balm for the eyes, nerves and soul of stressed holiday guests as well as a good mood play of colors with lively lines for the entrance area or appetizing harmony in harmony of shape and color for the modern breakfast room . Or you can really let it rip in the wellness area with a firework of colors in the service of well-being and sparkling energy. Alternatively, I also create realistic oil paintings for your hotel or holiday property according to your wishes, for example also maritime with jetty and sea, beach and surf or with a special touch according to your wishes.

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