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Abstract artwork with radiant luminosity created with acrylics.

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Acrylic-colored abstract paintings have enjoyed great popularity since the beginning of non-objective painting. Even the great "fathers" of abstract painting,
such as Jackson Pollock and Piet Mondrian, used modern acrylic paints to create their abstract murals.
Due to its material and color nature, acrylic is perfect for capturing on canvas the abstract picture ideas that often arise out of inner impulse.
For example, Jackson Pollock could not have realized his famous "Action Painting" (spontaneous painting) without acrylic paints in this form.
Unlike oil paints, acrylic paints dry very quickly and do not require a long wait between application of each coat.
The intensely vibrant colors are ideal for non-objective subjects. Therefore, as a versatile creative artist, I also use acrylic paints when creating abstract paintings.
The painting surface is like the oil paints high quality canvas. Let me and my ideas surprise you when you buy in my shop in abstract technique made murals!


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Buy abstract painting online directly from the artist.


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Buying art is not an issue in passing. If you want to find originals that inspire you at all times, you should search carefully and carefully. Ask yourself questions. Which shades do you particularly like? In which ambience should your new work of art hang? Would you like themed images to be coordinated with one another? Or should different rooms be equipped with matching paintings?
Questions open spaces for what is possible. Every home, every law firm and every practice receives a specific character, a charisma through art. One-offs can be matched with a matching wall background. Let yourself be inspired in the online gallery art-exclusive.de. Here you can shop safely and the Art Exclusive online shop is open for you around the clock. Here you can come and go whenever it suits you. So you can quickly feel which works of art have a special pull on you!

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Peggy Liebenow paintings speak about the senses. It is the splendor of the colors and the variety of techniques that make these pictures timeless: Nothing is fixed, and yet a lot is communicated directly. Look at Abstract 1408. The viewer encounters the original with great serenity and clarity with large areas in turquoise green, which are held in place by earthy sienna and brown. Here the play of reflections unfolds on a summer water surface or the fragrance of the sky, which is criss-crossed by cream-white clouds. All just associations, but that's why it's so exciting! Even the portrait format emphasizes a line upwards. That expresses strength and energy. The view can also linger on the yellow and blue tones set in the middle: Here you can find peace and quiet in your own four walls or a meeting room.
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