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XXL paintings at Art-Exclusive.


Large format painting from a side length of 120cm directly from the studio. For the abstract painting / acrylic painting I paint up to a format of 200 x 300 cm and for the realistic oil paintings up to 120 x 180 cm.


Large format acrylic and oil paintings: give your room personality.

Large format painting has that certain something. It dominates a single wall, often an entire room. It works through colors, shapes and the structure of the painting. With me you can choose. XXL works of art are available with abstract painting or under the theme "Maritime". What you choose for your home, your practice or the entrance hall of your hotel depends on your personal sense of style, the furnishings, accessories and other paintings in the room. I paint abstract paintings up to formats of up to 3 m in length and 2 m in height. I paint realistic motifs by the sea, waves, ships, planks and the beach in oil. I paint an oil painting in formats of up to 1.8 m in length and 1.2 m in height.


Let flowers speak!

Decorate your bare wall with an abstract, modern flower and it will say a thousand words as these flowers will not wither. Also love abstract flower painting, where you can feel every single brush stroke or palette knife sweep on the canvas. Let your room bloom with floral artwork. Show your visitors or loved ones that you take time for the finer things in life and freshen up your rooms with floral motifs. Prove your flair for modern art.

49 to 72 (from a total of 77)
XXL acrylic paintings: why they look fantastic

Acrylic paint dries quickly and needs to be applied quickly. This style is also evident in my abstract painting. It is powerful, expressive and authentic. Collectors should know: My real, hand-painted acrylic paintings are unique pieces. Abstract pictures give your ambience a special touch. You can bet on a color like blue or choose a colorful spectrum. Depending on whether you love monochrome or fresh and colorful in your company or your home.



Maritime motifs relax


I also offer you XXL works of art in oil. It dries slowly and works through the intensity of the color and its sheen. That is why large-format painting in oil above the sofa, desk or in a hotel room is also a wonderful eye-catcher. With a maritime motif, you can also create meditative moments in the sleeping area or in the relaxation areas of a wellness zone, which invite you to look and relax over and over again. Large-format oil paintings and XXL acrylic paintings offer you numerous possibilities to design a room in a noble and individual way! If you can not find the right one for you, then ask without obligation to: info@art-exclusive.de or send me for the painting style realism / oil painting z. B. Your holiday photo or for an abstract work of art your desired colors and the format size of the canvas. You will receive a non-binding offer from me.