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You rarely find good art on your doorstep. That's why you can buy my artworks online. Discover unique abstract and realistic art here. All inspire with their rhythm of color and shape. Colors make us happy. Colors and abstract shapes are stimulating or calming. Nothing is repeated, everything flows uniformly. Nevertheless, my paintings differ in their style. Some works of art emphasize structure, others rely on rich colors or swinging lines. Take your time to look at the paintings and let yourself be seduced by the works of art. Then choose your favourite!
Harmony - buy hand-painted original work 1

Format: 60 x 40 x 2 cm
With the finest artist acrylic paints
Canvas stretched on a high-quality stretcher frame

250,00 EUR
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations
49 to 72 (from a total of 156)

Fascination with painting

Real paintings are like a treasure. They represent an encounter with life, moving to places full of magic. A work of art opens the door to fantasy. Experience the beauty of a rose in all its facets - even in winter. With a thousand subtle shades, it fascinates in a natural environment as well as on your wall! Are you looking for a cheerful motive? "The Kramermarkt" delights with a colorful balloon mix of animals and figures.

With me you can buy art that translates enthusiasm for nature, sea and marine life into oil on canvas. Blue sky invite you to dream. Parallel towering sailing masts tell of the merry sailing trip on the high seas. Do you recognize the figures on deck? They are small and at the same time important accents with their movements and their colourfulness.

Ölgemälde original Landschaftsmalerei Rapsfeld Welle - Realismus Leinwand Gemälde kaufen  strand - kunst online kaufen

My picture is a realistic depiction of beach life on Norderney, but also an abstract painting that is dedicated to colors, shapes and materials. Heaven and earth, water and wood, nets and rust, orders and vertical masts: everything has its meaning. I invite you to go on a discovery tour with me and find a painting that takes you on a personal journey again and again.

All hand painted unique pieces in different techniques!


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Inspirations for you

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Abstract images original and distinctive

Purchasing hand painted art online is a breeze these days. Take your time looking at my abstract paintings. Which structure, which form do you particularly like? You will discover expressive works that spray like fireworks or meditative paintings: abstract pictures original and unique. Art is always personal. That's why you should choose a painting that speaks to you internally. Maybe you order a landscape format with deep calm. Or two canvases that complement each other. Original works look just as strong in your living room as they do in the office or practice.
oil paintings buy

Buy realistic oil paintings in wonderful colors

Oil has always been the color of great masters. The fact that the paint dries slowly underlines the high artistic standards. A delicate varnish gives oil paintings a particularly high-quality shine and looks noble. Their richness of color is a pleasure for the senses. Let me take you to the sea, to the beach. Feel the sun on your face and the glint of the sailboats in the distance. Realistic oil paintings invite you on an inner journey that you can embark on at any time as you wish. With their rich colors, oil paintings are suitable for all living rooms and offices.

Skilfully complement the modern ambience with

modern art Buying art online enables you to study every detail in advance, but also to perceive the entirety. That means not only inside the frame, but also outside: What is the wall color and furniture like? Unique 1401 shows how energetic raspberry red in combination with old pink stand out uniquely from a gray background. maybe phenomenon can often be observed in nature on rainy days or before a thunderstorm: Now the colors shine and inspire with great intensity! In the work of art 1401, too, semicircles, barely perceptible points and black or brown shapes give the painting a hold.

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Buy art online: affordable one-offs for lovers of real art

Under the category Pop Art 1403 you will discover a firework of colors. Like the harbingers of summer, this action painting presents itself with a wide range of colors: the brush and color palette ranges from sienna to violet and orchid pastel to ice blue, turquoise, yellow-green and pink pastel. Pure joy and zest for life express the soft basic shapes, over which geometric shapes, black lines and cheerful circles are placed.

Splashes and dabs, short, thick brushstrokes and small rectangles in pink or black give the work of art tension and connection. There is a swing in several directions here. With ribbons and threads that dissolve after playful twists or with delicate lines that interact with each other.

Check out the details about the magnification! Here colors are skillfully related to each other. Tranquility and geometric shapes ground the picture, while in the middle and upwards surfaces unfold like the purest blossoms. With this work of art, painted in mixed media, you can get pure life energy over your couch.

Action Painting - How color transforms the canvas.

How the flow of color creates a work of art. The dripping, painting, trowelling and spraying and blotching.  action painting, is an art movement in abstract, modern painting.  There are many methods in this painting technique such as:
  •  the drip painting> the paint from a bottle flow & throw directly onto the canvas
  • or dripped or blotted onto the canvas with brushes.
In Europe, abstract expressionism is also called:
  • Tachism
  • Informel.
Action painting is a spontaneous painting technique that is not consciously controlled or influenced by the artist and thus receives the power, action, force and dynamism. The art image is not planned or designed beforehand. The joy of experimentation, passion and creativity to the full is what drives the artist Peggy Liebenow Action Painting to create work!
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